Fair and Accountable Government

Cindy stands for a fair and accountable local government that both represents and reflects the West Orange community. Cindy will work to ensure that our tax dollars are used more effectively in our town's best interests, eliminate no-bid contracts, and invest in a full-time town planner.

Building a Stronger Community

Cindy stands for all residents of West Orange and will work to create opportunities for their voices to be heard. Cindy will support such local and national initiatives as sensible gun laws, Fair and Welcoming policies, and health care advocacy, and she will aim to establish a Senior Citizen Advisory Board.

Development in a Sustainable Environment

Cindy stands for the health and safety of our local environment. Cindy will work to create safer roadways, oppose deforestation, protect the purity of our water supply, and ensure that the community is informed of all environmental decisions prior to implementation.


Cindy stands for supporting and strengthening our great public schools. Cindy will work collaboratively with our local Board of Education to ensure we maintain excellence in educational services and comply with state regulations.